Saturday, January 26, 2013

Characters Welcomed

Trying to fight another itis, my boyfriend and I are such savages at buffets. I feel somewhat accomplished when I make multiple posts once in a while. Onward with sketches, before I get too distracted by House. 

I can't spell her name correctly to save my life. Here is "Saoirse", an original character by Laura Spicer. We promised each other an art trade where we are not only each other's character, but also giving them a buddy or mate. She'll be challenging my "Lady Dog". These sketches are just studies, but they were a lot of fun. 

More "Hair Monster" ideas that I'd like to move on a grander scale. Although I got more wall space to work with, thanks to moving in with the boyfriend, I still haven't gotten full license to poke a bunch of holes in them. Before that, I gotta finish two commissions... I miss drawing big.  

Forever 21 "Cutout OmbreĆ© Pullover" that I was tempted to buy but (I guess, thankfully) could not afford. They sold in a heartbeat anyways. Apparently, cutout shirts are "in" this season. I've been trying to make my own, but my t-shirt reconstructions have been unsuccessful thus far.  


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