Monday, April 28, 2014

Now or Never

I don't update as much as I should mainly because I hate how long it takes to scan and piece together my sketches from my bigger sketchbook. Maybe if I cave into buying a smartphone and signing up for Instagram I'd update on a more daily basis. I'm also trying to start a colloboration with spicerart, pandapantsxd and saffronceramics, so I don't wanna give away too-too much either. Excurse, excuses...

Finished concepts for a potential doll-making project. 

I was inspired by Adult Swim. "MY BRAIN IS MUSH." 

There was an ass-kisser at an interview, so I was trying to channel my energy positively. 

Sarah Silverman's "Diva" is so hilariously inspiring! 

I wanted to draw something real gross after watching the boyfriend play Resident Evil. I don't think it's gross enough!

More fashion-loving monster girls that I never finished. I enjoyed drawing the mermaid scales and floral dress with colored pencils. 

Sphinx girls are my go-to theme to draw now. 

My mood swings on one page. 

The last of my "Little Miss Deformities" idgaf warmup doodles. 


Friday, February 7, 2014

Ugly Dolls

I hate the cold. Screw allergies, I just want the warm weather to roll in already! Here are some random dollies I drew digitally and traditionally while I curl in the living room cave. 

Found a way to re-interest myself in digital doodling. Playing around with brush flow and opacity. Also, the eyedropper tool is my new best friend.  

Colored pencil doll designs that I want to sculpt one day. 


Friday, January 31, 2014

Forgot My Femminista

I forgot to post these sketches. Doing it now because I won't remember the next time. My little unnamed femminista. 

After rediscovering my love for colored pencils, digital drawing doesn't really excite me anymore. 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Colored Pencils Love

Forgot to upload some drawings from the smaller sketchbook... oh, well! I've been doodling a lot with colored pencils. From middle to high school, colored pencils were a must in my bag. When I hit college, I practically abandoned them for whatever reason. Now, I've regained my love for them. 

I'm not sure if it looks like him anymore. A Keanu Reeves portrait because I had the urge to draw something traditional. Also, it's a gift for my store manager since she and I share a birthday with him. 

The dream catchers were initially designs for my co-worker's tattoo. We were trying to decide how the feathers should flow on her back. 

A bunch of ill-fated ladies since I was watching by boyfriend play Resident Evil: Revelation

Finally, a silly Valentine's Day portrait of my and my boo. He's a beaver and I'm a platypus (no, it's not a Psyduck). Still thinking whether I should color them in digitally or traditionally. 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

There Goes 2013...

Got a few drawings scanned! 

I've fallen in love with colored pencils again! The third one's actually a mix with watercolor pencils. There will definitely be more experiments. 

My little feministas.

"Don't eat me!"
I keep thinking about coloring some of my sketches, but I'm afraid of overdoing it. Since I still have their .psd files saved, I could use them as warmups before I work on a project.

Brainstorming ideas for my co-worker's dream catcher tattoo. Funny how I google "dream catcher" and get more photos of the tattoos than the actual thing. She wants the moon design, which is awesome because it's my original. 

Doodles at 4:00 A.M. on the left and my next illustration for a mini series. 


Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost Midnight Dump

Selected drawings from both sketchbooks. It's nice being off the internet, but I feel bad for neglecting my blogs. No need to add any comment for this post, it is what it is.