Sunday, December 2, 2012

Really Painted Sketches

If you've been keeping up with my art blog updates, you've seen that I've been working on a series of oil paintings for my boyfriend for his birthday/christmas gift. I had some left over paint, so I decided to play around with them. It was partially inspired by Lisa Yuskavage: Small Paintings 1993-2004. In the book, Tamara Jenkins described that the artist would do small painting sketches from memory as a warm-up exercise. Sketching with real paint (as opposed to digital) is so much fun! 

If Ronald McDonald and that lewd clown from Children's Hospital had a gayby, it would be this freeaky-deeky thing. 

Gasp! A painted "Hair Monster" experiment. I'm not sure where if I'll pursue this ides, but it was still fun to make. 

Oh, in case anyone's wondering, these painting were done on the back of my sketchbook. Once they fully dry, I might put them through a scanner for a crisper image. 


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